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* Overview of a very important study :
Origins of Indian Castes and Tribes. by Kivisild et al. (Am. J. Hum. Genet.)

*white supremacists who desperately want to be aryan--absolutely ( unintentionally ) hilarious online book for mlecchas....Facts mixed with fantasy and highly optimistic interpretations and dates. These guys basically have got something against africans...maybe the race memory of blond neanderthals vs black grimaldis and brown cromagnons.

More Apr 05 : Sorry, aint just ancient european neanderthal or ancient african grimaldi ...recent gene studies say you bear RECENT african haplotypes compared to say chinese, japanese, indians, vikings, russians, ukrainians, estonians, etc. Eat yer hearts out ! All you white guys cant explain how this happened except in the normal perfectly natural manner... Africa's just across the pond from the little appendage grandly called Europe, after all...... and now forget the elaborate fantasies of ancient prehistoric refugia and gravettian -aurignacian migrations. The only refugia of any consequence were in Africa. So, just enjoy your own ancestral African music... and move to the beat and dance !
....the recently expanded definition of ngz based on gene studies, includes white europeans and americans.
So, as someone said, propz 2 mah ngz ...
propz to ALL my ngz ;-)

NEW: OK pal y'all are welcome to have yer say even if its bigoted white explain Obama too, will you? Planning to secede, eh?

about all this....Thanks for the funny link Mr. Neanderthal now see the african version below

WOO! Harappans (and everything worthwhile in this world) are from africa says Mr. Clyde Winters.

Also see Mr. Marcus Garvey on human origins for something on the same lines. Makes a good case for the attested european ancestors, the grimaldi skeletons to be better known. Sardinians even display such haplotypes, among the most ancient of all.

vedic india according to Mr. Paul Kekai Manansala. discussion on harappan civilisation and aryans, (electronic journal of vedic studies). Many other articles by learned scholars on Prof. Witzel's pages. He thinks Aryans were Invaders, and gives linguistic evidence. There's a running quarrel between Witzel and the writers who say they were locals. pics and info on coins. For history after 700BC coins are excellent source material, and throw up very interesting facts --some of them suppressed by interested parties!

Something on andaman islanders, based on scientific studies


* An important point of view looks at the total absence of any literature of the harappans...and the total absence of archeological remains of the Aryans. Their conclusion ? They are the same. Traditional chronology boosts such a view in particular. I'll get some input on this soon. But Steve Farmer (see ejvs site mentioned above) says the Harappans weren't LITERATE in the strict sense. Created an uproar, controversy still on. Personally, I'd wait for many more excavations before coming to any conclusions.

* One more interesting connection...On many indus seals with animals, e.g. the famous bull...the object in front of it is actually a brazier. This has not been grasped by many. Identical braziers are found in the much later altai tombs of "scythians". (They used these braziers to create fumes from cannabis seeds, hemp- ganja -marijuana. Maybe the aryans /harappans did the same. Soma is very prominent in ancient India).

* Much of the absurd views and beliefs like invasion/no invasion , and aryans were europeans/aryans were not, etc stems from a very human desire and hope that somehow these so called great achievers of the past are actually OUR ancestors. Well in the first place humans are so mixed according to gene studies, that anybody can find any group of ancestors or at least ONE highly desirable ancient ancestor. Actually this is caused by people assuming that some ancient people looked like them, like this or that...which may not be true at all. For instance nobody really knows how ancient aryans looked like --they havent left any photographs or even sculptures. They havent even left bones and skeletons. Or have they. Maybe they left a lot, only we dont recognize what these remains mean. Maybe they simply didnt look anything at all like what some people today fondly imagine. That's why they're not found or identified, because you arent looking for them and instead have some wrong idea and are looking for THAT imaginary evidence. Keep trying :-)

NEW-- this is what the ancestral people of India looked like.

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