Mostly Culture and heritage in Andhra Pradesh

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by v ramchandra rao

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Festivals-- dasara, Shivaratri, Ganesh

Culture socio, technology stuff---
Damascus steel (ukku)
Cave paintings near Hyderabad (neolithic?)
Prehistoric Megaliths in Hyderabad
Surabhi Theatre, founded 1899

The Nadasvaram, traditional trumpet
Cycle rickshaws
autorickshaws --three wheeled taxis

ethnic strands in India Part 1 and 2
(--- Africans, Southeast Asians, Malaysians Indonesians, Polynesians, Papuans, China, Jewish, Palestine, Arab, Turkic, Greek, etc
and Aryans, Celts, Scythian, Goth, Greek, Hunnish, etc)

Mala Madiga Mangalis ( Barbers)
Velamas Mudiraj Kaapu brahmins rajus kammas reddis

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