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I wish the author should make a better analysis of the Kamma History , he should had referred to the book 'Kammavari Charithra' by Veeraiah written somewhere in 1930s. As per the research made by the author kammas ARE EAST CHALUKYAS and it is the after the establishment of East Chalukyan empire that the Kamma power advented in Andhra. One more thing I want add is that the equavalents of Kammas are Velamas, Reddies and Balijas , because we all hail from same ancestry of Soldier-Farmers. During peace time we are engaged in farming and in war we take up arms. No community in India has such specific charecteristics.

One thing I want to add is that Kammas are not one caste , they are many sub caste based upon their geneologies. There are 36 sub castes with Pedda Kammas topping the list in superiority. Pedda Kammas are the aristocratic class and I still know that PeddaKammas donot intermarry with Chinna Kammas ( now things have changed , they all marry for money is more powerful than power). I hail from a Pedda Kamma family and my Grand father said to me that we used to worship Swords till the advent of British. We today are sread all across South India and there are 7,00,000 Gandikota PeddaKammas in Tamil Nadu alone. There is book written on Gandikota PeddaKammas, IF Any one has it please e mail me.

Another important thing I want to add is that there was a kammanatiseema encompassing Vinukonda, Amaravathi and Narsaraopet and Addanki seemas whose Nayaks(Soldier farmers) were named as Kammas , so was the case of Velanatiseema (Velamas) Reddiseema ( Reddies). One should analyse that there are Housenames of Reddies in Kammas ( Kommareddy, Vasireddi,Tammareddy etc).

One important thing I wish to add is that there are Christians among Kammas , mostly Roman Catholics who had achieved significant positions in Roman Catholic church of AP. the bishop of hyderabad, S.ARULAPPA is a Kamma. there are significant converts to catholicism from reddies too.

-----Thanks for sharing your views. Please, unless hard evidence is shown the claims of E.Chalukyas=Kammas will be not be taken seriously. Of course, regardless of what some people might like to pretend, "caste" categories were NEVER rigid over time really...even old manu said this.

I met Bishop Arulappa once a long time ago. I remember what he said "Let me be clear. I am a kamma." I was a bit taken aback, since I never asked him anything about that. He went on to explain " I am an Indian by nationality, a hindu by culture, and christian by religion". Seems he had just settled a petty interdenominational quarrel just then.

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There are certain facts that you are not interested in knowing (what ever your caste may be) the ‘Kammvaricharitra’ written by Veeraiah Chowdary is the most authentic document on the history of Kammas with archealogical inputs and also various inscriptions with accurate references. A copy is available in State Library , Hyderabad , if interested you may make an effort to procure it. It was written in early Thirties and you can expect no self glorification in it and I am satisfied about the genuineness about his work.

You are of the view that there were no Kamma kingdoms , in fact dear author nobody had any expanding empires in A.P and the state was always ruled by Warlords or Nayaks. For example , people are of the opinion that the Kakatiyas are a very great empire , yes , in case you count their friendly kings ( there are no feudatories in Andhra , they all extended support) , but if you count the Kakatiyas as individuals , there real kingdom hardly consisted of Warangal and half of present Nalgonda Districts.
It is very unfortunate that a great emperor ( Prataparudra ,as being projected ) goes to a forest area hardly 50 Kms from his capital to wage a war against a Tribal king (Koyas). This very well explains that the Kakatiyas were ordinary kings with excellent friendly relations with other Nayaks.Their power depended upon their diplomacy rather than their real power. For ex. Ganapathi Deva and Rudrama Devi maintained good equations with Reddienayaks, Kamma Nayaks and Padmanayaks ( Velama subcaste) and treated them with respect thus ensuring the safety of their empire.

However with the advent of Prataparudra there was a significant favouritism towards the PADMANAYAKS (as per PR Rao, History of Andhra) Resulting in heartburn among Kamma Nayaks and other Nayaks(Balija, Gavara ,Kalinga) which ultimately resulted in definite defeat of the Kakatiyas in the hands of Malik Kafur ( a Eunuch of Khilji).

It would be more significant to add here that these Muslim invaders who completely routed and destroyed the Kakatiya glory were in fact driven across Godavari into Adilabad area by a ordinary warlord of Kaktiyas ( Musunuri Kama nayak-correct name I cannot recall) . It is this Musunuri Kamma nayak who united all the allied Nayaks and led a Guerilla war against the invaders ultimately driving them away.

This Musunuri Kamma Nayak established rule in Warangal and tried to resurrect the Andhra glory which was foiled by the Velama ruler of Rachakonda who defeated the Grandson of Musunuri Kamma Nayak at Bheemaram village, located at Warangal outskirts. This Velama ruler who foiled the Andhra resurgence ultimately was happy being appointed as chieftain under the Bahamanis. The author was wondering about the MUSUNURI , there are Kammas with Musunuri title and they are located in Khammam , and the bordering areas of Krishna District and they claim their ancestry from the above mentioned Hero .

The author is unfortunately confusing people that NENI is derived from Sahni which is not true. NENI is a crude derivative( vikruthi) of NAYAKUNI. For ex. There is a village in Krishna District known as VEERAMACHANAYAKUNIPALLI . Veeramachanayakudu is the forefather of VEERAMACHANENI households, similarly Gatammaneni(Ghatamanayakudu), Tripuraneni (Tripuranayakudu). The velamas in Warangal and Karimnagar Districts have their housenames as Chenemaneni ( Chenemanayakudu), Marthineni ( Marthanayakudu) etc. There is no doubt that Velamas and Kammas are related.

Certain writers had stated that Velama ‘doralu’ as some high people . In Coastal Andhra and Telengana , the Velamas managed to get good positions under the Muslim rulers and the Nizam as they compromised themselves. If you compare , the Kamma Nayaks of Tamil Nadu were also DORALU till the Madras province was set up by the Britishers and feudalism was brought to an end.

I wonder why the author never bothered to find out why there were no Kammas in Telangana (till later part of 19th century) and parts of Rayalaseema(till ceded to British) when in fact they were widespread like the Reddies, Velamas till the advent of Muslims. The fact is that Kammas never compromised with the Muslim invaders like the Reddies or Velamas, they went on to the south to protect their honour and themselves and should thank the Britishers that they were saved from the dishonour of going to Ceylon as area after area fell to the Muslims.

The author feels that Kammas went to Tamilnadu for better prospects , the author should know that there were no better prospects in Tamil Land earlier as they are today. Thus you find the absence of Kammas in Muslim ruled North Andhra, Telangana and parts of Rayalaseema. Krishna and Guntur Districts are no Homelands of Kammas , infact the majority of Kammas in Krishna and Guntur Districts are settlers from Tamil Nadu , Rayalseema with the dawn of stability in Andhra region after the entry of Europeans.

One striking quality of the Kammas is that they never bow or submit , that caused them many hard ships in the course of history. Kammas have no Gurus ( whose feet are washed and the water are drunk by the baktas) Reddies and Velamas follow that culture. That is the reason exactly why the Brahmins never like the Kammas as compared to Reddies or Velamas because Kamma also feels that he is as superior to the Brahmin. That is the reason why Kammas led all the progressive movements in South India ( EV Ramaswamy Naicker-read- Nayakudu popularly known as Periyar led the self respect movement in TN), Kammas led the Communist movement thinking that it is the Communism which will ensure justice. Kammas are first to accept a new thought or process. No wonder they area the only PROGRESSIVE COMMUNITY IN INDIA i.e They are equal to a Brahmin in Intelligence, a Kshatriya in Valour , a Vysya in Business , a Yadav in animal husbandry , a farmer (jat) in Agriculture . No Indian caste has such unique qualities. It is this HARDWORK culture that has made Kamma most envied caste in AP. The Kammas can do anything and they master/dominate it , ex- Lorry business ( lowly work), Movie Business ( acting is the profession of kalavanthulu - prostitutes), Poultry,sheep,fish,piggery,dairy (they are the jobs of BCs). They play with everycaste in their own field and defeat them.

There is one thing that marks the Kammas from others is his/her quality of self respect and never give up mentality (pogaru kamma varasathvam , it will also cost the caste dearly).

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comment:---extremely CREATIVE account! So what is the roots of the Kammas according to you? When did they come into existence as a community? Why are there no inscriptions older than Gangeya sahni's times ? But I dont know what you are referring to, who is projecting Prataparudra as a great emperor. His folks (ganapati deva) pointed out his ancestors were bonded labourers. I have made field trips and written about Medaram and the Koyas. By the way have you heard of Kamma Gannanayak.... and Malik Maqbul? (read NG Ranga's views).

Show us the inscriptions.

And as far as the praise of a community goes, well everyone is entitled to his/her opinion.

Unfortunately it seems people are far more community conscious than I expected....and rather than adding to the discussion they're running down one another...I think this really should end, at least on this site.

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