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other issues and responses with a broader perpective

Miscellanous issues and responses

Various Issues discussed :

* Special Economic Zones--rapid industrialisation or zamindari reaction?( not started yet--pl send your brief reasoned views : nandigram, haryana, etc)

* Reclassifying Scheduled Castes to distribute benefits equitably

* Job Reservations for Scheduled Castes /OtherBackward Classes in private companies by law

* Private unaided colleges have to reserve some seats for underprivileged ( SC-BC) students by law

* Merit vs reservation in higher education?

A Suggestion : A Quick fix: (heard from several people.. mostly SC )

A quick way to end all the argument and controversy is, simply total up the number of seats or posts or benefits, and allot to persons ON THE BASIS OF THEIR COMMUNITY -CASTE POPULATION. This will immediately stop all the nonsense and antagonism.


*Not for jobs. But let there be 100 % reservations in special schools and colleges --hundred in every district--with hitler type teachers for SC-BC students, many require special education because they come from poor village backgrounds. They will do very well, within 10 years the question of caste community will be closed chapter in India and we can go forward.

(further response) *Difficulty will be getting good teachers. One way out is get the senior students to teach the junior students in residential schools. It has worked in some places.

add your response here......(serious ones please)

Issue: Reclassifying Scheduled Castes to distribute benefits equitably

There is a demand to re classify the scheduled castes, so as to make sure benefits reach all and are not cornered by one section as is often alleged. In Andhra Pradesh this means the Madigas say the Malas are getting most of the benefits. So they want a further re classification of the list. Malas freely acknowledge they do better, but give various reasons, some genuine, some absurd.

( a student )( no email) : It is a shame that even among them there are high and low communities. It is a fact that in Andhra Pradesh the Malas are grabbing most of the benefits and keeping out the Madigas. It is the same in other states I think.

(response to above)( n0 email) : aahaa, aahaa! really appreciate your crocodile tears and fake NGO sympathy. We will settle the matter ourselves without your interference. Better you look after your community I am sure there are many unfortunate persons needing your kind attention. Namaste. Take it in good spirit.

(--) (no email): It is not new even Dr. Ambedkar was accused of favouring his community with respect to others like chambhars. Babu Jagjivan Ram chief point was as candidate to put up against Ambedkar. But it is the fate of our country these people have grown rich and still they want to benefit from special reservation.

(a mala student)(--): If they feel they are not getting their rightful share, we don't want to break our unity. Fine. Take what you want. But on one condition only. REMOVE THE CREAMY LAYER. ( ed.--means the educated and well-to-do among communities). We will not sit quietly when some selfish rich Madigas try to use hidden ways to benefit. Majority of Malas even today also are in economically weaker sections of society, just like Madigas and many others.

ed--what about YOU? won't you fall in this creamy layer?

(student)--Yes I know. I don't care. I'm good. Unnecessarily I used to have wrong idea. Now I know I'm as good, if not better than others in my class. I'll show you all. In fact WE should give reservations to others of Forward communities who need them. But not for creamy layer.

Issue : Job Reservations for Scheduled Castes /OtherBackward Classes in private companies by law
note:--Expectedly this issue has raised a furore and many people have strong opinions about it. Most responses I get are similar and on expected lines for and against--a total of three almost standard ones. Waiting for some new insights. Got any?

*Private companies are run for profit not social concerns.

* Agree, but they all take huge benefits from the government like land, tax breaks, subsidy etc. These are from pockets of people who have elected the government. If they don't take anything from the government I don't have any objection.

* It is not your or anybody's personal objection. Laws of a soveriegn democratic country are applicable to all in territory without exception. Laws mean ALL laws not just reservation matters. And law means applicable to ALL, no special consideration for any exceptions. Otherwise change the law itself. Laws, I repeat , are made by democratically elected parliament and not some influential businessman.

*Are your sincere democratically made laws really enforced?

*If government of the day cannot enforce, it will be replaced by people.

* Actually pvt companies already have many more SC -BC employees than they will be "required" by law. Also these employees get annoyed at all this if you ask them such things. It is just politicians' games. If you don't believe me ask some of these so called sc employees in pvt sector whom they will recruit. Not one of them will look at anything other than performance. Especially if their job depends on subordinates' performance. Which is the case usually.

*If Laloo Prasad Yadav can make a never-seen-before big profit for Indian Railways he can make a super-profit if he was manager for corporations.
(ed:--He is the minister for Indian Railways and a strong votary of affirmative action : recently invited to address a top business school on how exactly he pulled it off)

Issue: Private unaided colleges have to reserve some seats for underprivileged ( SC-BC) students by law

(MBA Student)(no email):: While idea seems good it is absurd actually. It is the job of government to set up more colleges--medical, engineering and management colleges in EVERY DISTRICT. It is a great shame government of a proud country is useless and now they want to force others to do their job of education. Why the government officials are taking their salaries and on top of it corruption also. This is a very dangerous trend. We know what is coming next. Tomorrow they will hand over police duties to ganglords private armies also. Do they think people are blind.

*If this law is not passed there is a danger of poor people not getting even a chance to study especially SC's. Also from the other backward classes. Also from forward communities. In fact it is rich vs. poor again.

and here's another hot discussion--

* Your opinions will come here.......

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